Made for Ludum Dare 50.

Hello there !

Welcome to Shoal, a small and peaceful scoring game where you control a shoal of endangered fishes ! Try to survive as long as possible and avoid the dangers of the river ! Get along the flow, close your eyes (don’t.) and enjoy a small trip outside in the wild.

Controls are quite easy, arrow keys or WASD to move, space to split in two shoals and avoid obstacles !

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TagsArcade, Fishing, High Score, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 50, Pixel Art, river
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I enjoyed playing a couple of minutes this game :D

Hello there ! :) I loved your game and included it in my LD50 reviews :

Hello :)
Merci pour la vidéo, c'est super chouette de voir quelqu'un jouer au jeu comme ça !